6 Andalou Naturals Face Masks You Need to Try Today

6 Andalou Naturals Face Masks You Need to Try Today

Well, as we all know that everyone’s skin is different and similarly every product does not response same on every skin.

That’s why all of our masks are made keeping in mind the problems and specification each skin type requires so that you ladies can stay beautiful the way you want to.

Our all product lines are specifically designed according to the weather of Pakistan and according to the skin problems which are faced by the women here.

This blog post combines all the 6 masks along with the details, uses, and benefits of each.

Instant Age Defying Mask

It is specially made for reducing the premature signs of aging fighting fine lines and wrinkles. This mask is infused with 8 Fruit Stem Cells, Bioactive 8 Berry Complex, and Resveratrol Q10 that create a potent portfolio of antioxidants to slow cellular damage and stimulate skin firming with collagen and elastin.

The fruit enzymes gently dissolve dull, dry surface cells to reveal skin’s vitality and ageless beauty.

This mask is for Dry & Sensitive skin.

Instant Soothing Face Mask

Your skin is extra sensitive and nothing suits you? We can totally feel you. That’s why we have introduced this soothing face mask which is especially designed for you with 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask Alpine Rose Stem Cells and soothing Rosewater instantly hydrate to calm and comfort sensitive skin to give your skin some special care which it desires for and not to forget it is dermatologist tested so try it out with any fear.

This mask is for Delicate & Sensitive skin

Instant Brightening Face Mask

If you’re tired of your dull looking skin than this mask is the right fix for you with organic pumpkin blended with Manuka honey and citrus glycolic AHA, gently dissolve and lift away dull surface cells, exfoliating and resurfacing for even tone and smooth texture and Fruit Stem Cell Complex helps revitalize for a brighter, more luminous complexion. Never look dull again as this mask will make your skin shine bright.

This mask is for Oily & Combination skin

Instant Clarity Face Mask

Are you one of those ladies who get oily skin within a spin of a minute? Or you do not have time to cleanse your face on daily face? This Instant Clarity Face Mask with the goodness of argan oil and French clay instantly begin to clean away impurities and minimize clogged pores soothes, nourishes and stimulates healthy circulation. So, get your everyday salon treatment at home.

This mask is for Oily & Active skin

Instant Lift & Firm Face Mask

Lack of moisture and proper skin care can make your skin look older before time who doesn’t want that tight and baby looking skin? Instant Lift & Firm Face Mask will solve all your dry skin problems Marula oil and French clay instantly nourish and purify Stimulates circulation for a visibly lifted and firmer appearance and a smoother, more youthful complexion.

This mask is Dry & Very dry skin

Instant Luminous Face Clay Mask

Struggling to get that natural glow on your face? Trust me this mask is better than any highlighter as it is infused with the most known herb for giving your skin an instant glow boost Turmeric and French Clay instantly energize and nourish to help even tone and tighten pores so that you can enjoy the perks of having a perfect skin.

This mask is for Normal & Oily Skin

Voila! We’re done with our face masks range and I hope that by now you have selected the perfect mask for your skin type and not to forget that our products are 100% organic and fragrance-free so do not worry about any reactions as we know what we deliver. Go green, Feel beautiful and Stay beautiful with our promising products.

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